Cheap Chocolate

My mum bought some Belgian Seashells yesterday, which, if you've never tried them, are the best chocolates in the entire universe. Hands down.
These, however, were cheap knock-offs posing to be exquisite delicacies. I made the same mistake a few months ago and their poor quality gave me a headache. Bad, bad, bad. We took them to my Nanny Barb's house and she ate the lot, just as we planned. She'll eat anything.

I found some old sketchbooks and stuff from ages ago, including another goat! They just keep popping up everywhere;

This is a 'showering' catalogue for bathroom sets, I found a couple and thought I'd use them as sketchbooks but I never got past the covers.

These were just the result of a watercolour urge. And I just fancied something with a flamingo.
I would have said these were a few years old, but it seems they were only last years, according to the dated signature. I always find it odd that I can never date art from memory.

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  1. These are all great, but I loooove the second one. You must be very good at this.


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