The Red Devil

I've always had that dull ache everytime I see something that requires a particular crafty skill and immediately want to be an expert on the subject. For a while now, knitting has been one of these.
I can knit, basically, but not well, and I've found it hard in the past with my lack of patience for such things. But I'm determined to finish something.

Friday came and I decided to get the sticks out and have a go.
I had started a hat last year, from the easiest pattern I could find.
I realised halfway that I'd made it baby-sized and gave up. I ripped this violently (and reluctantly, as it was actually perfectly done with not a stitch out of place) from the needles and started again.
It was late, I was tired, the whole thing was poorly planned. I ripped it from the needles about ten times before retiring to bed and sleeping like a baby.

The next morning I succeeded first time. No problem.
Finished it the day after, sewed it up and added some sparkles.


So, what next?
Don't know.
But one thing I do know is that Hastings is sh*t for yarn. It's all acrylic. Where's all the WOOL!?

My nan and I are in the middle of trying to work out these little blighters. I bought the book, and even my nan - the knitting queen, is struggling.We're trying the easy ones first, of course. She's made a tomato and a garlic so far.
I have my eye on the octopus.

One day.

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