I think too much. I need to DO more.

Come along, sunshine.

I'm so bored of this weather. I want spring now, please.



I now have an online store!

Please visit me at http://www.fancybus.etsy.com/.
I'll be adding more stuff soon.
I'm trying to figure out PayPal. It's very confusing to me. It's apparently very easy and straight forward. I always want to know the complete ins and outs of these things.

I've got some small cards for sale which I made with my own fair hand. Here are some examples.
I'm making more in the next few days.



Visit the shop for more details and photos.
Tankoo very much.


Bat For Lashes

I'm going to see Bat For Lashes tonight at the De la Warr Pavillion in Bexhill. I bought her newest album for my friend for Christmas and she saw an advertisement the week after for a live show in the town next to ours! Coincidence? The singer does live in Brighton though, which is very close.

I was just thinking about it and realised I actually don't know very many of her songs. I have 'Precilla' and 'Horse and I', which I love, but she'll be singing new stuff now. The only song I have from her new album (Two Suns) is 'Glass', which is brilliant.

I think this will certainly be a most triumphant delight for both eyes and ears!
We are on the balcony, so hopefully we can actually see her.

I'm excited now.

RE: Bat For Lashes

She was glorious! I really enjoyed it.
I'm going to buy her first album right now and swap with my friend for the second one.
She played songs from both her albums and she did a one-off special performance with a string quartet as well, and performed covers of her favourite songs, including Peter Gabriel's 'Solsbury Hill'.
I wanted to buy a t-shirt but they wouldn't take a card. Damn. The last concert I went to I left the t-shirts I bought on the tube! I was so freaked out about travelling home at 2am that I forgot about them. A chatty Brazillian man helped me get the right trains. Stressful, to say the least.
I've made a deal with myself to go see more live shows and perfomances in future. I want to see 'The Lion King' again. I was in tears from the very beginning.

Anywho, I'm going to do some college homework now. Got an essay to write. Oh, goody!


The Red Devil

I've always had that dull ache everytime I see something that requires a particular crafty skill and immediately want to be an expert on the subject. For a while now, knitting has been one of these.
I can knit, basically, but not well, and I've found it hard in the past with my lack of patience for such things. But I'm determined to finish something.

Friday came and I decided to get the sticks out and have a go.
I had started a hat last year, from the easiest pattern I could find.
I realised halfway that I'd made it baby-sized and gave up. I ripped this violently (and reluctantly, as it was actually perfectly done with not a stitch out of place) from the needles and started again.
It was late, I was tired, the whole thing was poorly planned. I ripped it from the needles about ten times before retiring to bed and sleeping like a baby.

The next morning I succeeded first time. No problem.
Finished it the day after, sewed it up and added some sparkles.


So, what next?
Don't know.
But one thing I do know is that Hastings is sh*t for yarn. It's all acrylic. Where's all the WOOL!?

My nan and I are in the middle of trying to work out these little blighters. I bought the book, and even my nan - the knitting queen, is struggling.We're trying the easy ones first, of course. She's made a tomato and a garlic so far.
I have my eye on the octopus.

One day.


'Valentines Special' Poster

My mummy owns a hairdresser's (JoJo's Hair Salon, Hastings) and asked me to make her a poster.



I feel bad that I didn't make my nan a card this year, so I'm thinking of painting her a big portrait of one of her tortoises. She has three - Errol, Jerry and Tom. I might do all three.
I think she'll appreciate that. I feel I need to make her something.

 Birthday cards I made my mum (left), and my nan (right) last year:

Cheap Chocolate

My mum bought some Belgian Seashells yesterday, which, if you've never tried them, are the best chocolates in the entire universe. Hands down.
These, however, were cheap knock-offs posing to be exquisite delicacies. I made the same mistake a few months ago and their poor quality gave me a headache. Bad, bad, bad. We took them to my Nanny Barb's house and she ate the lot, just as we planned. She'll eat anything.

I found some old sketchbooks and stuff from ages ago, including another goat! They just keep popping up everywhere;

This is a 'showering' catalogue for bathroom sets, I found a couple and thought I'd use them as sketchbooks but I never got past the covers.

These were just the result of a watercolour urge. And I just fancied something with a flamingo.
I would have said these were a few years old, but it seems they were only last years, according to the dated signature. I always find it odd that I can never date art from memory.

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