Bat For Lashes

I'm going to see Bat For Lashes tonight at the De la Warr Pavillion in Bexhill. I bought her newest album for my friend for Christmas and she saw an advertisement the week after for a live show in the town next to ours! Coincidence? The singer does live in Brighton though, which is very close.

I was just thinking about it and realised I actually don't know very many of her songs. I have 'Precilla' and 'Horse and I', which I love, but she'll be singing new stuff now. The only song I have from her new album (Two Suns) is 'Glass', which is brilliant.

I think this will certainly be a most triumphant delight for both eyes and ears!
We are on the balcony, so hopefully we can actually see her.

I'm excited now.

RE: Bat For Lashes

She was glorious! I really enjoyed it.
I'm going to buy her first album right now and swap with my friend for the second one.
She played songs from both her albums and she did a one-off special performance with a string quartet as well, and performed covers of her favourite songs, including Peter Gabriel's 'Solsbury Hill'.
I wanted to buy a t-shirt but they wouldn't take a card. Damn. The last concert I went to I left the t-shirts I bought on the tube! I was so freaked out about travelling home at 2am that I forgot about them. A chatty Brazillian man helped me get the right trains. Stressful, to say the least.
I've made a deal with myself to go see more live shows and perfomances in future. I want to see 'The Lion King' again. I was in tears from the very beginning.

Anywho, I'm going to do some college homework now. Got an essay to write. Oh, goody!

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