Birthday Goat

My sister celebrates her birth today, 23 years on.
I made her a painstakingly time-consuming friendship bracelet.
I've recently taught myself the childhood trade. It's fun for the first hour, but I literally spent ALL day yesterday knotting thread.

I also made her a card. This morning I remembered I hadn't made one, which is ridiculous as I always make one! How could I forget?
So, in about 2 hours I came up with something with such second-natured focus that I surprised myself a little.

And an envelope!

I was proud of myself, to say the least.
We are big fans of the goat.

My new years resoloution was to give peoples' gifts on time.. her presents are still in the post - I ordered them yesterday, but the card's the most important, right..? She's happy.

It's also my nan's birthday on the 27th, so my daddy and I have combined skills for her present.
It's a fox skeleton, bagged and boxed, ready for assembly.
My nan loves puzzles and foxes, so.. in a very ironic and slightly sadistic way, we combined the two for the perfect gift. It's all clean and hygiene. Organically treated, actually.
My dad sorted the fox and I designed the packaging.

Oh, the fun we have.


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