What I Wore Today

22.06.11 - what i wore today

I cannot get this song out of my head. Round and round and round.
I think she's my absolute favourite OF ALL TIME. Praise thee beauty!


beach comber

Just a couple of ink drawings I did lately. I'm really enjoying using this medium. I can't believe it's taken me this long to even consider trying it. I'm going to try some with washes next. And maybe watercolour..

I've been away on a travelling spree and now I'm back. I'm a CREATOR. I shouldn't travel, it makes me ill.


More Birthdays

It seems that birthdays only exist to coax some creativity out of me! This is a card made for my sister, reminicent of others I have made in the past. There is something about this style of drawing that soothes me. It's alot calmer than the stuff I usually find myself doing. The image of the figure hanging by it's foot is a piece of old college work made using an OHP. One of my favourite projects from the course. And the numbers are extremely old letraset - hence the crispy texture.

What I Wore Today

17.01.11 - what i wore today

This is now almost a month old due to blogger refusing to let me upload anything for weeks!
But better late than never, eh?

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