Don't Open The Window

"There's a bluebird on my shoulder...
It's the truth, it's actual,
Everything is satisfactual..."

We have a bluebird nesting in a bird box under our bathroom window.
We have a feeling that the ones that came last year were scared off when the window was opened, so I made a little sign just in case. The little chick is so noisy, twittering all the time! Everytime I go in there, theres a bird on the windowsill. I caught him in the bottom photo - just a little dark shape behind the glass.
I'm surprised the noise from next door doesn't scare them off. If I was that bird, there'd be a million other places I would nest.


  1. How SWEET! I love the lacy glass subtle bird lump photo. And how lucky it's a bluebird! We have a nest of flycatchers *right* above our front door, and all the traffic seems of absolutely no concern to them. It's like raising children in Grand Central Station!

  2. thats so cute! I would love for a bird to nest somewhere I could see!


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