Nice Things from the Month of May

Beautiful tree I noticed when walking home from town.

Drawing on my fingertips for my final project at college. It was really tricky trying to take a photo of all my fingers, and I was too lazy to set up a tripod.

I found this photo of Neuschwanstein Castle on this blog, and I thought it was absoloutely beautiful. The other photos are just as lovely. This German castle was the inspiration behind Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. I'd prefer to visit the real thing. Look at those mountains!

Yesterday was so sunny! We have makeshift doubleglazing on our drafty sash windows (a sheet of plastic nailed up every winter) and I haven't taken mine down yet. The sun was so bright yesterday that it left little shadows of the plastic men who stand on my window. I've never noticed it happen before. I was staring at it for ages, it's was so nice.

Our tiny, orange toilet room has patterned glass which also casts a beautiful shadow.

It's back to rain now, though. I love rain. I don't know why people always groan when I cheer to forecasts of rain. A week of sun is lovely, but last year's three solid months of sun was too much. And I heard people say it was 'a disappointing summer'! What!? I'd never do well in places which are sunny all year round. I'd go insane. I'd really miss storms.

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  1. nice photos jasmin! like the figurines in the window =]


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