First Post

I thought I should start this blog off at some point, and what better time than the present?

So, here's some glorious stuff from my recent sketchbook. Just the sort of doodley, absent-minded scrawlings that are done whilst watching repeats of something or other on the box.

Firstly, my favourite face;
I have a gynormous love for The X-Files.

People who have not watched it would probably not realise that it is actually really funny. It came as a surprise to me too when I first laughed at one of Mulder's one-liners. I was three when it first aired.
All these years I'd just assumed it was boring.

Better late than never, I suppose.

The left portrait is from a photograph that I love;
My drawing is nothing compared to the photograph, with all those lovely colours, but I quite like it anyway, and I like the little pouty man on the right.


And some little (smaller than A5) images which I framed for fun.
The second one is a lino print I made, but nobody could tell what it was.
It's a dog with a strange posture and bubbles coming out of his nose.
Yeah? See it? Duh.

Ok, that's all for now. I've been writing this post for two days and keep having to run off and do things with various people. So, really, this is yesterday's post.
Everybody pray to a benevolent force to help me in keeping this blog active and wonderful, which will therefore encourage me to create more stuff so I have something to post! That would be good.
Nunnight for now though, I'm exhausted.


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